Design Services

We have an in-house design team that can help you creatively problem solve for most any of your design needs. Whether you need branding and packaging for a new startup, are a business looking for creative merchandise, or just need a sweet design for your post-ironic kickball team, we’ve got your back.

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Logos, Branding, Merchandise, Etc.

We can help get your get your business a professional logo, business cards, packaging, merchandise, etc. as well as basic web and social media help. All design work is carefully curated to fit your personal identity, needs, and budget. We can also assist you translate your ideas into usable print design, scan original drawings, and refine existing design files.


Each of our designers has an inherent personal style and voice, and if you’re looking for a custom piece of art for your printing or merchandising project we can create a stylized design to fit your aesthetic & purpose.


Design time is an hourly fee ($50/hour) and requires a deposit before a rough draft can be generated. We also offer one-time fee’s for smaller projects; design re-creations, layout assistance, etc. Every design job has it’s individual needs and each order is treated with a case-by-case nature. Call or email for more information or a quote.