We would love to embroider for you!

Send us your art, and we will get you a quote asap. Cost is determined by stitch count, which is dependent on the design & layout. A one-time ‘digitizing’ fee is generated after the quote, needed to create the thread map of your design. With a minimum of six items its easy to get a small run, and we can handle your bulk order as well.

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———-Embroidery F.A.Q.———-


Pricing is based on a stitch count custom to your design, so finalized artwork is a requirement for getting a quote. Digitizing is the process of mapping out the stitches using embroidery software. Garment color, thread density, and thread color are necessary for an accurate digitizing quote. We charge $1 per 1200 stitches and the digitizing is normally between $20-$50.

File Type & Quality

When creating art for embroidery remember that it’s not going to be able to replicate all digital images, and the finished product will look much different than color pixels on a monitor. Things to avoid in your art are thin lines, gradients, portraits and any filters or effects. Most file types are usable, as long as the resolution is at a production quality.

When choosing a garment please keep in mind the placement of the image; try to avoid seams and multiple layers of fabric. The maximum image size for most hats is 2.25″ tall by 4-5″ wide.

Embellishment Quality

We only use high quality Madeira brand thread and backing for a tight holding, long lasting sew-out. Your sewn image should last the length of the garment and if it comes undone at any time with in the first 6 months through normal wear and tear we will replace the item for you.

Artwork Approval

We can provide you with a sewn-out sample of your design at the start of your order for approval at no additional cost, either through email or in person. If any of your finished designs do not match the quality of the approved sample at the end of the order we will resew it or credit those items for you. Approving a sewn sample must be requested and if an order is sewn without request we will defer to the approved mock-up. If any of the embroidered items vary from the specification on the mock-up we will re-sew or credit those items. Please double check your mock up for accuracy, we cannot credit any item if it is correct to the invoice regardless of any other communication or negligence. We recommend a sewn sample for any customer new to embroidery.

Turn-around Time

Embroidered items are on a separate schedule then our screen printing items, and the turn around times may be different if you are getting both services from us. We can normally turn around any size job within 15 days of approval and payment. If you need for a specific event make sure we know so we can determine if they will be done on time. Often times artwork will need to be re-digitized and this may slow the process down so please make sure you stay in contact with us by checking your emails and phone calls after you have placed your order. We will not offer any refunds if all items are not finished by the due date and you will still be responsible for payment on any of the items that are completed by the due date.


We pride ourselves in producing high quality work but occasionally mistakes will happen. We can however guarantee that the mistakes will not find their way into your finished items for pick-up. Most times we can reorder the items in time to re-sew but if we cannot you will have the option to remove the damaged items from your invoice or have them re-sewn.

Client Provided Items

You can bring in your own items to get embroidered if you like. We will not replace any damaged items if they are brought into us however. We will not charge you for the sew-out but we will not replace the item either. This is because often times items are not made for relabeling and we don’t always know how the item will sew-out. If you bring in items and we for-see any possible problems with we will let you know before we start sewing and may refuse some items all together.

File Storage

We will hold onto any files you get digitized through us and never charge you for them again. Keep in mind the digitized file stays as is, same size, colors, fills, densities etc… If you need the art a different size or sew it onto a different garment we may need to re-digitize the file. The colors we can swap out for other colors but you will not be able to make different sections different colors or add and remove colors without re-digitizing. Re-digitizing fees are lower then the original and depending on the size of the order may be waived. Your digitized files are INDYINK property and we cannot release them to the customer. If you bring us a digitized file we will not guarantee its storage and you will need to provide it again if it is not in our system.