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We now offer screen printed glassware options!

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Art Specs

We can print a single color (only) design smaller then 4″x7″ wide onto any smooth sided glassware with at least an 1.5″ opening. Ideal for pint glasses, shot glasses, and mugs; cannot accommodate glassware prints on a bevelled or raised surface.

Art File Quality

Raster – Please make all files at 300dpi and save at the size you would like it printed. Raster files are the most common type of file. If you don’t know if your file is a raster or vector file, it is most likely a raster file. With this type of file the image you create is broken down into a pattern of pixels (small squares) of different colors or tones. The more squares you have per inch the higher the resolution.
Vector – Within a vector file, shapes are defined by the mathematical equations built into the vector creation software. Vector files typically end in .ai, .eps, or .svg. Unlike raster files, vector files can be enlarged without sacrificing image quality.