Favorite Garments

After 20 years of printing these our are favorite recommendations.

The Favorite tee! Ascolour and Matsui discharge ink. The secret is out on this amazing combination of a soft yet colorful tee. Ascolour only makes 100% quality cotton garments so the discharge ink works great with them. Plastisol also prints amazing on them as well. If you are looking for a soft hand, comfortable quality tee at a good price, tell our sales associates you would like the Indyink Favorite tee!



The Vintage tee! Waterbase or plastisol inks work great with the 6210 poly/cotton 60/40 blend Next level tees! If your going for the weathered / vintage feel these are our recommendation. Great price, high quality these will instantly look like tried and true classic tees! Just let us know you want the Vintage tee look and we can go from there.Next Level copy



Bella Canvas