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Let us guide you into the proper garment for your budget and project. We have developed strong relationships with garment distributors and custom cut and sew partners. So we can source or create any item you may have mind. Customer provided garments not recommended.

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 We don’t believe in hiding our production in the back. In fact, we are so proud to show it off its in the front! When you come down to meet with sales or pick up garments you will walk into our production floor first. So, come on down anytime we are open and we are happy to show you around.

Decoration method types

Plastisol ink

The most versatile ink used in garment decoration. Plastisol sits on top of the fabric and bonds to the fibers providing a long lasting, good  color opacity onto both dark and light garments with clear graphic detail. Great with halftones, fine detail and color blending.


Use for a super soft feel with dark inks on light garments. Water-based inks soak into the cotton of the garment and dye the fabric. Pigment will not soak into synthetic fibers and will not cover over existing dye on garments. Recommended only for light colored 100% cotton garments.

 Discharge is an additive to water-based ink. It acts as a bleaching agent that removes the existing dye on the garment then replaces it with the water-based pigment.  The garment dye will affect the deposited pigment during the discharging process so colors will vary slightly. 


Art work quality is a crucial component of a well printed design. We can’t make good prints from bad artwork. File size is generally the number one issue with artwork quality so we may reject your artwork if not formatted correctly. Image files are saved in either a Vector (preferred) or Raster file.

Raster – Raster files are the most common type of file. If you don’t know if your file is a raster or vector file, it is most likely a raster file. Raster files come from photo based editing software most commonly used is photoshop. With this type of file the image you create is broken down into a pattern of pixels (small squares) of different colors or tones, same as most tv screens. The more squares you have per inch the higher the resolution. When downloading or creating your images please make sure your dpi is set to 300dpi and your image size is the size you would like the design printed at. Rule of thumb you can always go smaller. If you have pulled your file from the internet it is most likely a 72 dpi sized file and we will not be able to work with it.

Vector – Vector files are created from artwork creation software most commonly used is Illustrator. Within a vector file, shapes are defined by the mathematical equations built into the vector creation software. Vector files typically end in .ai, .eps, or .svg. Unlike raster files, vector files can be enlarged without sacrificing image quality. You can also assign pantone color to your image this is the preferred method to ensure color accuracy.

On-line pricing can be misleading so we don’t list our pricing on-line.  Traditionally printers  advertise a low printing price and then charge more on the garment markup, screen / art and other fees. So if comparing quotes make sure to look at the total per shirt price after all added fees and we will be comparable. We check our pricing quarterly to ensure we are always offering a competitive price. If you are currently printing elsewhere or comparing us to a quote from another company we can price match in most cases.

All pricing on invoices or quotes is subject to change without notice up until the invoice and art approval is received and deposit is made.

Indyink orders items from 3rd party distributors for decorations purposes only and can not sell undecorated items.

Inventory on items is not guaranteed. If inventory is not available at the time of order your order will be canceled. You will be notified with substitutable items or your deposit will be refunded.

Any change in items will need to be approved again.

Indyink is not responsible for any delays between deposit and ordering that may make your items unavailable.

Inventory can not be ordered and held for later decoration.

We use only the highest quality inks, emulsions, and other supplies in the industry. We are a garment decorator and are not liable for any garment manufacturing defects. Because of this we will not replace customer provided items and may not offer some garments we have had quality issues with. We will always stand behind our decoration.

If any of the decoration of the items fades or washes out, you may return the garments and Indyink will reprint within 2 weeks from notification of error, or you may keep the items and we will refund you the decorating cost. Any error in the curing process will be noticeable after the first wash. Wash garments according to the garments tag specifications. No special washing is needed for decoration.

Indyink will not be responsible for any items not returned and not liable for any discounts without physical proof of error.

Orders are final once the invoice and art approval is approved and the deposit is made.

No cancellation or alteration may be made after the approval and deposit are submitted. (unless items are out of stock)

Deposit is not refundable. (unless items are out of stock)

Full payment is required to receive decorated items.

If full payment is not received Indyink will retain deposit and decorated items.

Any other payment arrangements must be approved before each order is placed and listed in the customer notes of the invoice.

We will quality check your garments before you recieve them and remove any misprinted items

Any misprinted items will be credited off of the invoice. If there is spoilage over 5% you will have the option of a reprint instead of a credit but we will need up to an additional 1-2 weeks to replace. We recommend ordering extra if you need an exact amount.

To reduce production waste misprinted garments may be donated to charity organizations or given to up-cycle programs. You must let us know if you do not wish your garments/logos to be used in this manner. (this will be listed in the customer notes)

Indyink can accommodate rush orders on a case-by-case basis. Rush orders are processed after our normal operating hours, and are not given special precedence over existing orders in the queue.

We can confirm the availability of a rush only if you can provide us with the final artwork, the shirt style, color, sizes and a signed rush agreement. If you are not supplying your garments, we may be limited to garment options that will arrive in time.

You may request a print proof either by emailed photograph or visual sample on orders of 96+ if you feel the mock up is not sufficient. Print proofs are not necessary for most jobs and we will contact you before printing if your image is going to look different then the mock up. We do love to do press checks to guarantee we are all on the same page, but there is a few things you should know about them.

When a print proof is requested we will arrange a date and time for you to view the sample after the order is approved and paid. If we do not hear from you within a half an hour of your scheduled time we will move onto other jobs and your job will be pushed back an additional 2 weeks.

We will not do color proofs through email, monitors are all calibrated differently and we have no way of knowing how your monitor compares to ours. Colors must be a chosen pantone or seen in person.

We can not adjust the size of the image during a press check, size must be determined before hand. (take a ruler and a shirt for accuracy). Remember to measure when a shirt is being worn and not when the shirt is laid flat to prevent the image from being too big and wrapping around the sides.

We do recommend press checks on 4 color process jobs as the printed shirt will always vary from the monitor a bit. Please look over the mockup as it will differ from the art you submitted 

Our regular turn-around time is 2-4 weeks from payment and approval. It is in our best interest to print jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible but there are a number of factors we can’t control.

If you need your order for a specific event make sure we know so we can determine if they will be done on time.

We will not offer any refunds if all items are not finished by the due date and you will still be responsible for payment on any of the items that are completed by the due date.

Anything needed before 15 days may be subject to a rush fee.

Force majeure
Indyink will do everything possible to finish your order by the date listed on the invoice, however Indyink is not responsible for completing your order in any period of time.

You may cancel your order if it is not completed by the due date listed on the invoice but the cost of any shipping, or restocking fee associated with returning items will be taken out of your deposit.

If a specific date is needed a rush fee may be applied.

If Indyink does not complete your order by the rush fee date your rush fee will be credited but you will still be responsible for the full balance of the order upon its final completion date.

We will only except customer provided items under special approved circumstances. Customer provided items will have higher print cost to offset the garment markup. Customer provided items will not be replaced if damaged only the decoration fee will be credited.

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