Screen Printing


We offer quality screen printing on garments and specialty items in various styles and processes.

Our screen-printing production is guaranteed to hold up against our competitors, time, & the elements. Screen-printing has been our craft since 2002, so our production & sales team are equipped to accommodate your print & embellishment needs.

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———-Screen Printing Options———-


Plastisol is the most versatile ink used in commercial garment decoration. Plastisol sits on top of the fabric and bonds to the fibers providing a long lasting, good color opacity onto both dark and light garments with clear graphic detail. The print can be made softer & thinner with additives, or more saturated & heavier with extra layers of ink. There are also a number of additives that can be applied to the ink to create different visual effects (i.e. Foil – Puff – Suede – Soft Hand – Glow-in-the-Dark – 4 Color Process).


Water-based inks soak into and dye the garment fabric. Once cured the water evaporates leaving only the pigment create a much softer feel (no hand). We recommend only for printing darker inks onto lighter colored 100% cotton garments. When applying the pigment onto a dyed fabric the color of the fabric will compete with the deposited pigment, this will make ink less visible the darker the fabric color gets. Pigment will also not soak into synthetic fibers as well such as polyester, rayon, so water-based is recommended for use on 100% cotton garments.

Water-based White Inks

Water based white inks work well for printing white ink onto darker colored fabric with less hand (softer feel). The water-based white works by adding a blocker to allow the ink to sit more on-top of the fabric (like plastisol) and not sink into the fabric. One the water evaporates some of the binder is left with the pigment so the print still has hand to it (feel). Pigment can be added to the water-based whites to create very light shades of color. Water-based whites will work on synthetic fibers but be slightly less opaque.


If you are looking for a softer feeling light colored print on a dark garment Discharge ink could be the solution. They work on cotton garments by removing the dye of the garment returning the garment to the original color of the milled fabric (the gray goods). Pigment can be added to the discharge to leave behind a new color replacing the removed garment dye. The cons with this process is that they are less graphic in nature than plastisol inks, and exact colors are difficult to control (especially on blue, green or brown colored garments). The discharge will not remove the dye from synthetic fibers such are polyester and rayon, making a very dull and washed out looking print on blended fabrics. One of the pros of using this process is they are especially good for soft distressed prints. It adds variety to the design or gives it that natural soft feel. Discharge can also be used as an under-base on dark colored garments to achieve a softer print.

———-Screen Printing F.A.Q.———-

Art File Quality

Art work quality is a crucial component of a well printed design. Your print can only have as good of quality as the original artwork. File size is generally the number one issue with artwork quality. It is important to make sure your file is saved at the size you would like it printed out on the garment and at 300dpi.

File Type

Raster – Raster files are the most common type of file. If you don’t know if your file is a raster or vector file, it is most likely a raster file. With this type of file the image you create is broken down into a pattern of pixels (small squares) of different colors or tones. The more squares you have per inch the higher the resolution.
Vector – Within a vector file, shapes are defined by the mathematical equations built into the vector creation software. Vector files typically end in .ai, .eps, or .svg. Unlike raster files, vector files can be enlarged without sacrificing image quality.


We don’t list our pricing on-line. Please call or email us in order to give you the best price. We check our pricing monthly to ensure we are giving a competitive price. If currently printing elsewhere we can price match in most cases.

Rush Orders

Indyink can accommodate rush orders on a case-by-case basis. Rush orders are processed after our normal operating hours, and are not given special precedence over existing orders in the queue.
We can confirm the availability of a rush only if you can provide us with the final artwork, the shirt style, color, sizes and a signed rush agreement. If you are not supplying your garments, we may be limited to garment options that will arrive in time.


We have been constantly searching for the highest quality inks, emulsions, and other supplies in the industry for over ten years now. Your prints should last the life of the garment. If any of your prints wash out, crack or fade through normal wear and tear within the first six months bring them back and we will replace them (unless you request a vintage printing technique where the ink will gradually fade).

Misprints / Refunds

If we print anything contrary to your approved mock-up specifications we will refund, or reprint your items. Please double check your mock up for accuracy we will not refund or reprint any item if it is correct to the invoice regardless of any other communication. You may choose to purchase any misprinted items for the cost of the garment. If misprinted items are left with us they will be cut down and used as rags then recycled.

Print proofs / Press checks

• You may request a print proof either by emailed photograph or visual sample if you feel the mock up is not sufficient. Print proofs are not necessary for most jobs and we will contact you before printing if your image is going to look different then the mock up. We do love to do press checks to guarantee we are all on the same page, but there is a few things you should know about them.
• When a print proof is requested we will arrange a date and time for you to view the sample after the order is approved and paid. If we do not hear from you within a half an hour of your scheduled time we will move onto other jobs and your job will be pushed back an additional 2 weeks.
• We will not do color proofs through email, monitors are all calibrated differently and we have no way of knowing how your monitor compares to ours. Colors must be a chosen pantone or seen in person.
• We can not adjust the size of the image during a press check, size must be determined before hand. (take a ruler and a shirt for accuracy). Remember to measure when a shirt is being worn and not when the shirt is laid flat to prevent the image from being too big and wrapping around the sides.
• We do recommend press checks on 4 color process jobs as the printed shirt will always vary from the monitor a bit.

Turn-around Time

We can normally turn around any size job within 15 days of approval and payment. If you need for a specific event make sure we know so we can determine if they will be done on time. We will not offer any refunds if all items are not finished by the due date and you will still be responsible for payment on any of the items that are completed by the due date. We of course want to fulfill your order and will do everything possible to communicate any issues that may arrive along the way. Anything needed before 15 days may be subject to a rush fee.


We pride ourselves in producing high quality work but occasionally mistakes will happen. We can however guarantee that the mistakes will not find their way into your finished items for pick-up. Most times we can reorder the items in time to re-print but if we cannot you will have the option to remove the damaged items from your invoice or have them re-printed.

Client Provided Items

You are welcome to provide your own products for embellishment, although we cannot guarantee the items not ordered through our wholesale system. We do not charge for any misprinted piece, but we can’t replace an imperfect product (whether print or garment flaw), due to the nature of apparel and printing production.